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Mega-trend substainability

Conventional wisdom (as well as some DIN/ISO standards) has it that ceramic bearings do not have the life expectancy of conventional steel bearings.  This has come about for a number of reasons – mainly due to the way the load rating of ceramic or hybrid bearings is determined.  As a result, ceramic bearings are often rated as less reliable then conventional steel bearings.
However our comprehensive experience with ceramic bearings running under an equal load to conventional steel bearings proves that a significantly longer service life is possible. Accordingly, we apply the same calculations for maximum dynamic load number* in the same way as with conventional steel bearings.


Miniature ball bearing

Gehrig® Miniature ball bearings and normal deep groove ball bearings made of tehcnical ceramic with different cages, e.g. the white CZ 683 FC miniature bearing DIN 623-1 made of ZrO2 Zirconia full compliment without ball cage.


Graphic load ratings

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