Gehrig® Bearings - Anti-friction bearings

Stainless steel bearings S anti-friction - in accordance with ISO range


Stainless steel ball bearing according to DIN 625-1 S 6001 J12
and S 6008 J12

Gehrig® Stainless steel ball bearing according to DIN 625-1 of the 6th series with bearing rings and balls made of AISI 440C with stainless steel sheet metal cage of AISI 304.

Single row stainless steel bearings are particularly versatile and thus a preferred bearing variant for many applications. Different grades of steel, alloys and material mixtures define the material properties and thus determine the application possibilities. Our consulting team can advise. Gehrig® specialize in stainless steel bearings manufactured from austenitic steels (Material no. 1.4301/AISI 304) and martensitic steels (Material no. 1.4125/AISI 440C) because of their high quality in difficult ambient conditions.