Gehrig® Bearings - Anti-friction bearings

Hybrid bearings anti-friction - in accordance with ISO range in HYZ, HYN, HYSZ, HYSN


Hybrid-ball bearing (Stainless steel/ ceramic) DIN 625-1 HYSN 6002 HW3

Gehrig® Hybrid-ball bearing according to DIN 625-1 of the 6th series with bearing rings made of AISI 440C, rolling bodys (balls) made of Si3N4 silicon nitride ceramic and PEEK-snap cage ball guided made of PEEK.

Hybrid bearings are made of bearing steel (100Cr6) or rolling-contact bearing stainless steel (1.4108 or 1.4125.) The rolling body is made from technical ceramics such as silicon nitride (Si3N4) or zirconium oxide (ZrO2).

Gehrig® hybrid radial bearings exhibit excellent electrical insulation, the ability to cope with rapidly changing loads, acceleration and sustained high speeds and offer a longer bearing life with insufficient lubrication or dry running without seizing.
When hybrid bearings feature Si3N4-balls, centrifugal forces are also reduced, as Si3N4 is only 40% of the density of bearing steel. A further advantage of using ceramic rolling elements is that very high hardness (1800 HV) can be specified. Hybrid bearings with components made from special steel, ceramics and engineered plastics offer improved efficiency and are longer lasting in comparison to conventional steel bearings.

This bearing group includes mainly hybrid- and double-row angular contact ball bearings, hybrid cylindrical roller bearings, hybrid axial bearings and hybrid deep-groove ball bearings with either a fiberglass reinforced PTFE-cage, a PEEK-cage or a brass cage. Therefore depending on the technical requirements, radial bearings are manufactured in different variations of stainless steel X105CrMo17 (1.4125/AISI 440C) or X5CrNi18-10 (1.4301/AISI 304), with Grade 5 ZrO2-balls or Si3N4-balls.

The main advantages are:

-low friction and thus lower start-up resistance
-minimal or no abrasive wear
-minimal or no lubrication required
-good performance in lack of lubrication and dry-running
-no seizing
-reduced centrifugal force
-electrically insulating
-longer tool life or longer service life
-improved performance data for the respective machine or system.