Gehrig® Bearings - Anti-friction bearings

Ceramic bearings anti-friction  - in accordance with ISO range in CZ, CZN, CN


Full ceramic anti-friction ball bearing DIN 625-1 CN 6005 T6

Gehrig® Full ceramic anti-friction ball bearing made of technical ceramic according to DIN 623-1. CN bearing rings and balls made of high thermal loadable Si3N4 ceramic with also high thermal loadable massive ZrO2-cage for high temperature applications.

Non-magnetic ceramic bearings manufactured from zirconium oxide (CZ-T6-bearings) are generally suited to pump systems and motors especially when media like aggressive cleaning agents, saline solutions, acids and alkaline solutions is involved.

Mixed ceramic bearings made of ZrO2-rings with Si3N4-balls (CZN bearings) provide excellent solutions when various challenging conditions occur together, such as high speeds and high temperatures.

Silicon Nitride and silicon carbide are used for some bearings because they offer high hardness and mechanical strength especially when dealing with highly abrasive and high mechanical loads. Ceramic bearings from Si3N4 silicon nitride ceramics (CN-bearings) can withstand temperatures of more than 1000°C.

Gas pressure sintered Si3N4 (HIP) is utilized for machine components such as balls, needles and rollers.

Notable advantages of roller bearings made from technical ceramics are:

- Low bearing and rolling body weight, low centrifugal forces, good tribology
- High temperature resistance (from -250°C to over 1400°C)
- Low thermal expansion and thermally shock resistant
- High mechanical wear resistance to abrasion
- Good dimensional stability and high rigidity
- Very good corrosion resistance
- Longer bearing lifetime with minimal lubrication and dry running
- Good efficiency through reduced maintenance and operating costs
- Very good electrical insulation and no electrostatic charge
- Non-magnetic and insensitive to magnetic fields