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The Gehrig® Bearings Configurator allows you to specify ceramic or hybrid bearings for your individual application. You can use its recommendations to suggest a bearing to suit your needs and they’ll be specified within the parameters of DIN 623 ff. All bearing types can therefore tailored to your specific needs.

For the optimum bearing specification, we need the following information: size, radial load, axial load, speed, direction of load, deflection and misalignment of the shaft or axle, static load rating, dynamic load rating, environment values, such as temperature, media, dust, and vibration as well as the installation conditions.

As you can see, there are a large number of variations - and therefore solution options!
To specify bearings for challenging conditions such as high load and/or high temperature and/or critical media, special ceramic recipes may be required. At Gehrig® this is what we excel in! Our comprehensive knowledge of all parameters and our many years of roller bearing project experience allows us to create the most efficient and most economical bearing configuration for your application.
So if you have a project that requires specialized high performance bearings we would be happy to help you with a specification.
Please get in touch (email: info@gehrig-bearings.com)

Download Gehrig® Bearings Bearing-configurator