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Ceramic yarn carrier

Wear and tear parts for the textile and wire industry are a specialty. Because of the high abrasion from thread at speed or temperature, only certain ceramic materials can be used. In this segment we use two ceramics with a high cost-benefit ratio. Ceramic components such as slot or dog tail thread guides are mainly made from budget-priced aluminum oxide ceramic. Ceramic guide rollers, ceramic gears and ceramic rollers are mainly made from zirconium oxide.

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Ceramic dog tails yarn carrier
CT 18-0015

Gehrig® Ceramic dog tails yarn carrier from aluminum oxide Al2O3-ceramics. We provide thread guides and wire guides from Al2O3-ceramics for the textile industry and wire production. Aluminum Oxide Al2O3-ceramic is characterised by a high degree of hardness and good wear resistance at abrasion. Al2O3 aluminum oxide ceramic is a very good insulator and has a very high dielectric strength. Purity and fabric determine the mechanical properties of Al2O3 aluminum oxide ceramic. The purer the sort the better the results in friction and wear.


Ceramic guiding role
CT 26-0050

Gehrig® Ceramic guiding role from tribologically good, inexpensive ZrO2 zirconium oxide ceramic. Zirconium oxide is more robust than steel, less abrasive, has a low thermal conductivity and is a well suited composite component to steel.


Ceramic twist stop wheel
CT 19-0040

Gehrig® Ceramic twist stop wheel from aluminum oxide Al2O3-ceramics. Wire guides and thread guides from Al2O3-ceramic for the wire industry and textile manufacturing. Ceramic guide rollers made of Technical Ceramic Al2O3 with a purity of 99.8% we provide on request according to technical description, drawing or on exact details.