Gehrig® Bearings - Technical ceramic


Ceramic balls made of technical ceramics such as silicon nitride are becoming the norm in high quality roller bearing production. Due to their outstanding low-friction rolling behavior, precision, rigidity, and high hardness combined with relative lightness in comparison with steel, ceramic balls feature in many variants of bearings.
They’re in high speed bearings because of their smooth running. This includes spindle bearings or miniature bearings as well as in non-magnetic or electrical insulating bearing technology applications. And because of their great hardness, ceramic balls are also used as grinding balls. In addition to the material properties of ceramic balls you need to consider the extreme accuracy of the ball itself. The dimensional accuracies are to DIN 5401 / ISO 3290.

Standard sizes according to stock list.

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CB CN D3,0mm G5

Gehrig® Ceramic balls (rolling elements) made of technical ceramic. Rolling bodys made of high-strength, shape stable Si3N4 ceramic. Si3N4-balls have a high mechanical toughness, is very hard but relatively light. Available are several dimension and form-fitting silicon nitride balls in accordance with DIN 5401 / ISO 3290 from D 2,0mm in quality grade G5, from D 10,0mm in quality grade G10.