Gehrig® Bearings - Technical ceramic

Ceramic deflection roller

Additional components in the textile and wire industry are hybrid or ceramic deflection pulleys. Due to the manufacturing process, these parts guide and lead wires and thread at high speeds. Here, lightweight yet hard Silicon Nitride Ceramic Si3N4 is ideal for grooved pulleys. Low abrasion, low friction, low centrifugal forces and stable resistance are the strengths of silicon nitride pulleys.


SR HYSXN 10x20,5x28(29)mm GZ

Gehrig® Hybrid-support-roller made of stainless steel 50CrV4 with balls of hard and robust Si3N4 ceramic according customer query.


Ceramic track roller
CN 606 T2 GZ
CN 605 2RS T2 GZ
CN 604 2RS T3 GZ

Gehrig® Ceramic track roller made of Si3N4 silicon nitride ceramic. Ceramic track roller and ceramic deflexion pulley with groove in the outer ring for wire guides and threat guides on basis of the bearing series 604 to 608 or on request.