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Gehrig® Bearings - Technical ceramic

Components made of technical ceramic

For designs and components made from technical ceramics the following basic ceramics are available:
Parts that will encounter very abrasive and high loads in use (and will wear quite quickly as a result) are mainly made from low-priced aluminum oxide (Al2O3). Whether these are used as deflection rollers in wire and thread guides, or as cutting tools, dog tails, yarn carriers, thread guides or wire guides, Al2O3 is a very versatile compound which lends itself to use in the textile or wire industry.
Zirconium Oxide (also zirconia, zirconium, ZrO2) is a more cost-effective ceramic because its coefficient of thermal expansion and mechanical capacity are similar to some grades of steel and it’s therefore particularly useful in composite components. Nevertheless, zirconium oxide is harder than many grades of steel and has a remarkable tribology.
Non-oxide ceramics like silicon nitride (Si3N4, Si3N4-HIP) and silicon carbide (SiC) round off the range. Si3N4 and SiC are very hard, thermally shock resistant with good heat conductivity. They are relatively easy to work and both have a high operating temperature of 1500°C. Silicon Nitride is an excellent material for cylinder balls or rollers, due to its mechanical strength. Si3N4-balls and Si3N4-cylinders are characterized by good load distribution and surface pressure.
The following geometries are available by default:

Gehrig® Ceramic components of technical ceramic ZrO2 zirconia referred to DIN 4379 (1850-1) on request.